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Cooling water Consultancy
IIC - Independent International Consultants Ltd

Scale deposition, GermanyIIC Limited provides independent consultancy services for the optimisation and trouble fee operation of cooling water circuits for industrial, commercial and institutional clients worldwide.

Biofouling, scale precipitation, corrosion and suspended solids deposition have a serious detrimental effect on the performance of heat exchangers resulting in possible product reduction and reduced availability.

The complexity of cooling water chemistry and the interrelationship of operational efficiency is typically less well understood as stakeholders do not necessarily share the same objectives, particularly if the specialist water treatment supplier is chemical sales focussed.

IIC cooling water Independent Consultant services provide their clients with technical and commercial support developed over more than 25 years to ensure that cooling water solutions are well investigated, trialled and proven.

Agreed process cooling water monitoring approaches developed with industry leaders ensures that water treatment is applied effectively and that the result can be quantified.

IIC cooling water Independent Consultant services provide their clients with the “know how" to manage their water treatment suppliers to provide true added value and continuous improvement.

The scope of the Cooling Water Independent Consultant service considers the following:

  • Heat exchanger performance
  • Operational KPIs
  • Water quality
  • Water treatment technologies
  • Chemical inventory management
  • Alternative Technologies

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