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Legionella Third Party Expertise
IIC - Independent International Consultants Ltd

DocumentsIIC Limited provide Legionella Third Party Expertise as an important verification process for the precautionary measures taken by their clients to minimise the risk of Legionnaires’ disease.

This independent consultant service is performed in response to regulations that require that the suppliers of water treatment solutions, legionella risk assessments and water treatment equipment are externally and independently audited. The audit is conducted with the client and their chosen water treatment contractor and a final document is produced to enable the client to meet the requirement to submit a report of the independent Legionella Third Party Expertise to the local Authorities.

To enable IIC to perform this activity on behalf of its clients it was necessary to submit evidence of competence, qualifications and experience with regard to the subject of Legionnaires’ disease to Government Departments and to then obtain approval before the commencement of this activity.

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