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Legionella Risk Assessments
IIC - Independent International Consultants Ltd

LegionellaThe need for a comprehensive assessment of the potential for Legionella bacteria to grow and disseminate is generally recognised as being an essential step to dramatically reduce the factors that allow Legionella bacteria to become problematic in a water system.

IIC provides comprehensive Legionella Risk Assessments and subsequent integrated management control programmes that consider all aspects of Legionella Control including contamination sources, proliferation, dissemination and protection.

Independent International Consultants Limited establishes an agreed course of action with their clients to prioritise tasks and activities in order to minimise risk. The Legionella Risk Management programme is a working tool based on an individual site-specific needs and it is designed to ensure regulatory compliance.

IIC’s Legionella risk assessment schemes apply best practice and have been developed in accordance with international guidelines and regulations.

Where national guidelines for Minimising the Risk of Legionellosis are in place these are adopted as a minimum requirement and where necessary enhanced with the client’s agreement to provide a robust response to this important aspect of security.

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