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Ultra Violet Technology for Water Treatment
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Ultra Violet

UV UnitUltra Violet technology is used in many applications including drinking water, swimming pools, ultra pure water, CIP rinse water, process water and wastewater and has therefore applications in the Semiconductor, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Aquaculture, Swimming Pool and Cooling water Industries in addition to industrial and municipal wastewater.

The most common UV lamp is the low pressure (LP) mercury type which emits monochromatic light at a wavelength of 254nm and has high germicidal efficiency and is most suited for “good quality “effluents at moderate flow through rates. Low Pressure UV lamps have low power consumption and long life (12months typically) however light intensity may be insufficient for poorer quality waters. Low Pressure Lamps output are 115 watts at most so for higher flow rates the number of low pressure lamps required may be a limiting factor.

Medium pressure UV lamps (MP) emit polychromatic light with a more complex spectrum with only some 5% of the wavelength being produced at 254nm, however this is offset by the much higher power output of the medium Pressure lamp with can be up to 7 Kw.

Other components of UV systems are equally important in ensuring efficient operation including the electronic ballast, wiper systems to maintain lamp cleanliness, UV intensity monitors, control systems etc.

UV SpectrumThe type of UV systems most applicable for any application depends upon the amount of energy required for the treatment objective (disinfection, TOC reduction, waste water treatment) and the quantity of water to be treated.

UV Dose is calculated by the following formula:

UV Dose(mJ/cm2) = Intensity ( mW/cm2) x Time ( sec )

Some typical dose requirements are:

Swimming Pool 60mJ/cm2
Wastewater disinfection 30mJ/cm2

IIC Limited has expertise in the design and application of UV technology for different applications and can directly support client requirement and solution choice.

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